project types

We have years of experience working with our clients in these industries.

  • Ecclesiastical
  • Academic
  • Commercial
  • Trucking/Logistics
  • Industrial
  • Dealerships
  • Medical
  • Specialty


We see the creative process as a collaborative effort. When we design a space, we don’t just consider how it will look but how it will function and meet the needs of the people who will live, work, learn or gather there. Whether your project needs a distinctive look or a better roofing solution, we’re ready to put our creativity to work for you.


At The Mollenkopf Design Group, we are ready to listen to you and offer expert advice and creative solutions that fit your timeline and budget. We believe that when you have a design problem, the last thing you need are solutions that don’t fit your criteria or are beyond your budget. It’s a process that has worked for many customers, on many projects from adaptive reuse of existing structures to a ground-up campus masterplan.


Architectural Design

This is the major focus of our work, with our concentration primarily in the Commercial, Tenant Improvement, Adaptive Reuse, and Industrial Design sectors. For us, Architectural Design is the process of taking ideas from a client or end user and forming these verbal thoughts and desires into a usable form. The sculpting process that we use takes into account not only the building components, but also the schedule, cost and the user’s needs and wants.

Master Planning

Master Planning offers you as the Owner or end user a comprehensive plan that incorporates strategic placement, size and scale, as well as proximity and functional relationships. This information is used to develop the “big picture” relationships of a single building to its site, or in designing a campus of multiple buildings. With the need for future expansion or remodeling in mind, we can provide a framework incorporating the project’s past, present and future into a cohesive whole.

Interior Architecture and Design

An important aspect of any structure is how the interior flows, how it acts and reacts to the people living and working inside. To this extent, the Mollenkopf Design Group takes special care when creating a pleasant, efficient, and functional internal environments. From branding office spaces to selecting practical furniture and finishes, our interior designers have the advantage of working closely with our architects throughout the entire process. As a result, the MDG is able to produce the best and most cohesive design possible.

Design Intent

Our team will create documentation that outlines your desires and visions into prescriptive and measurable information and conceptual design. This information can then be used for project budgeting, fundraising, and preliminary regulatory agency review.

Third Party Inspections

Our experience and objectivity allows us to provide an unbiased review of the construction progress. Whether it is verifying the construction adheres to the plans and specifications, or ensuring that the contractor’s request for payment is appropriate, our seasoned staff of professionals is qualified to evaluate your project.

Existing Facility Assessments

Reusing an existing structure for a new project, or planning on altering your existing space? We can help assess any facility, decipher what items are required by local, state, and federal codes and laws; determine the integrity and availability of infrastructure and building components; and what changes are possible given the structure. Building assessments can be broken up into two components: 1) Program Assessments, which analyze how the building is contributing to or hindering the intended service or program and 2) Facility Condition Assessments, which identify the physical properties and systems of the building.

Facility Programming / Reports

As an unbiased third party, we help you determine the best use and layout of your existing space or building. Our team understands that each company and each facility is unique. By analyzing the flow of data, products and information we can present solutions to accommodate growth or contraction of certain departments and maximize the facility’s spatial flow.

Owners Program Representative

Sometimes a client needs the job done to their standards, but doesn’t have the right personnel on staff or would just like to be hands-off. In such a case, we’re your team. We can act as your representative in the office and on the job site. We will implement the program you request and keep you updated on the project status, as well as provide your project with the oversight and managerial experience you can trust.

RFP/RFQ Preparation

An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a solicitation sent to potential suppliers with whom a creative relationship or partnership is being considered. An RFQ (Request for Qualifications) is a solicitation sent to potential suppliers in which the suppliers are evaluated to confirm they are qualified to provide the services you are seeking. With our professional staff of qualified Architects, we can help you prioritize and qualify prospective providers of design, engineering or construction services.

ADA Assessments/Improvements

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal regulation that requires our built environment to be accessible to all people regardless of their disability. We at the Mollenkopf Design Group are trained to review and provide assessments of the existing built environment. Our services range from an overall assessment based on a brief run-through of your facility to in depth specialized assessments of your physical property/Building. Depending upon the level of the review required we may bring in specialists to assist us with this work.

Building Standards

Multi-family buildings, retail centers and or sites with multiple buildings require that building language and fenestrations have a cohesive look and feel. The rules and/or materials established as the “Standard” provides a prescriptive guideline to ensure that the completed project, either new or renovated, is holistic and complementary.

3D Modeling / Fly-through

With today’s technological advances, 3-D visualization is achievable. For those projects that require more than basic consultation, our team can develop three dimensional renderings and models. These models can be constructed to show projects of any size. From a full campus master plan to a small shop, a 3-D rendering with flythrough capabilities is a great aid to those seeking to visualize their project as it would be when complete. This service can be done as part of a greater project or as a stand alone request.