Sustainable Building

MDG Values include sustainable building practices.

Sustainable Design Concepts

  • Energy efficiency
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Waste management
  • Reduction of pollution
  • & many other sustainable philosophies

Sustainable Buildings With or Without Certification

At the MDG, our certified Architects and Engineers take into consideration the concepts of sustainable building design to the most practical extent possible.

While certification may be necessary or desirable for some projects, it is not the only path to sustainable building. The professionals on our design team expertly incorporate sustainable design elements whether or not the project involves certification.

ODFL Columbia, SC, loading dock exterior
ODFL Katy TX, office

Sustainable Design
Suited to Your Project & Your Budget

The following are some of the items that we regularly
incorporate into site and building development that conserve energy,
reduce pollution, and conserve our natural resources.

Material Specifications

A building and site development can be sustainable without being certified.

  • Non-toxic and low VOC components for paint and mastics
  • White membrane roof to dissipate solar heat gain, reducing summer cooling load
  • Tinted & high efficacy glazing in doors and windows
  • Continuous insulation for all heated and cooled space
  • Tile that uses waste and/or damaged material in a recycled format
  • Re-manufactured / refurbished furniture for use in the office
  • Antimicrobial finishes eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • High efficiency HVAC mechanical equipment
  • Zero Ozone depleting refrigerants

Energy Efficiency

A building can be energy efficient without being certified.

  • Thermally broken storefront systems to minimize thermal conductivity
  • Exceeding the code required roof insulation R value requirements on all heated and cooled space.
  • Solar powered electric fence systems
  • Solar powered yard scales for trucks
  • LED lighting throughout a development
  • High efficiency water heaters
  • Thermostat controls with setback
  • Toilet exhaust fans controlled with occupancy sensors to reduce energy consumption
  • Occupancy sensor controls for lighting

Water Conservation

  • Lower flow toilets and urinals to reduce water consumption
  • Low flow faucets with sensors for public use
  • Use of drought tolerant plant in hot dry climates
SEFL Bowling Green, KY, restroom

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